Mayor Marge Donley
620 Marquand Ave., Conesville, Ohio 43811
Appt. FO: Dawn Dawson
Council Members:
Tonya Lynn Slade
Steven F. Kimberley
David Saylor Sr.
Devin R. Donley
Annette M. Kimberley

Mayor Jeff Wherley
117 Main St, Nellie, Warsaw, Ohio 43844
Clerk: Patricia Wherley
Council Members:
Richard Lambatis
Denise Emig
Brent Birker
Jennifer Birker
Colleen Ringwalt

Mayor Linda J. Scott
PO Box 523, Plainfield, Ohio 43836
Appt. FO: Lisa M. Stiteler
Council Members:
William V. Addy
Donna Addy
Michael P. Lavigne
Heather A. Wilson
Timothy J. Wilson

Mayor Ron Davis
Town Hall; 322 Mill Street, Warsaw, Ohio 43844
Phone: (740) 824-3600
ApptFO: Tammy Pope
Council Members:
Corey Fischer
Jesse Fischer
Brenda S. Davis
Jerry Funk
Donnis Kent
Dan Secrest

West Lafayette
Mayor Steven Bordenkircher
405 E. Union Ave., West Lafayette, Ohio 43845
Phone: (740) 545-7834
Appt FO: Sara Warne

Council Members:
Ronald Lusk
Roger Warne
Christie Maurer
Charles Wheeler
Craig Bordenkircher
Tim Cheney

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Coshocton was selected by “Ohio Magazine” as a Top 10 Hometown.  Coshocton embodies qualities that make Ohio hometowns so special: Friendly residents, beautiful parks, charming shops and a rich history that is celebrated to this day.